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Growing this blog with the farm!

It is an absolutely lovely Midwestern fall evening. 82degree daytime high and 58 overnight low. Partly cloudy. I am excited about all the development out here at Cornman Farms since the Hoey property was acquired in July, 2012.

The onslaught of tomatoes coming from Cornman Farms is ever so slightly slowing down. We are down from 1200pounds a day to 700 pounds a day.

Ethan Young has been building fences and took some time to show me around.

Don is working on the smokehouse,adding the cedar roof, helping pushing the dream of hams smoking out here closer to reality.

Whoever built it in 1888 did a damn good job.

The goats are fed.

People are already calling about events, but their is much to bring that vision to fruition.

Future event sites? Offices? Dairy parlors?

Stay tuned!