CORNMAN FARMS: What started off as Alex and Kelly Young’s  backyard garden and 4H pasture for their three children has become a 40+ acre producing farm in Dexter, MI.  Alex and his wife Kelly, whose family has been in the area for many generations, are very involved in 4H. Alex is the managing partner at Zingermans Roadhouse. Over the last two years, the desire for farm to table meats and vegetables has grown and the farm has grown to meet it.

ZINGERMANS ROADHOUSE: check us out in Ann Arbor on the corner of Maple and Jackson serving ‘really good american food’ http://www.zingermansroadhouse.com/

ME: My name is Shelly Smith. I’m a server at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, and curious to the point of downright nosy sometimes. Alex Young, managing partner of the Roadhouse, acquired 20+ new gorgeous acres in Dexter in July 2012. It more than doubled the size of the farm and I want to know everything that is going on over there. I am assuming I am not the only one, because this area is rife with foodies and farmers, so I’m going to share!