Every year Zingermans Community of Businesses has a meeting in August to wrap up one fiscal year and kick off the next. Each of the businesses-Deli, RH, Creamery, Coffee Company, Zingnet, etc. is charged with presenting their next year’s vision to the whole ZCoB in a creative way. To say the least, it has become competitive over the years.

From 2003-2008, the Roadhouse wasn’t really known for doing a bang up job at this. Then I showed up and it got REAL important. Hard core raps were written about whole carcass meats. Songs from eighties movies were re written to reflect our service goals. Costumes and props were made. If you haven’t had the opportunity to chow down at the Roadhouse yet, you haven’t experienced the walls and walls of kitschy salt and pepper shakers. Guests love them. They are an amazing array of Americana. I imagine they know more of what is going on it that building that anyone else. This year they became the reporters.

Here’s the video:

Let me know what you think!


2 responses to “ZapWrap2012Video

  1. Awesome video! Made laugh and hungry. Is that wrong?

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